Our Philosophy

We realize that building and developing property can be challenging. That’s why we proactively manage the processes involved bringing added value to every project. We are continually improving processes and proactively planning a project for success. Our diligence at the beginning stages of the project directly impacts the bottom line. We believe that attention to preconstruction and strong communication leads to better buildings.

The Augusta Group provides a quality finished product at a fair and reasonable price. Every communication is approached with professionalism and honesty. We’ve worked to build a strong reputation and will work to exceed your expectations.

We enjoy what we do and are proud of our work and the relationships we’ve built over the years with clients, architects, subcontractors and industry professionals. Our team is readily available and approachable. We believe in a strong, old-fashioned work ethic – but we also enjoy a little time out for fun.

Give us a call, 303-278-9292.