Hiring The Right Builder

No other product you purchase allows you to view its assembly in the manner a new home does.  The process can take upwards of a year or more and the folks overseeing the assembly must be capable, competent, responsive and professional.  Unfortunately we quite often see folks base their hiring decisions entirely on cost, often with disastrous results.  In general, most builders charge roughly the same price – at least within a couple percent that is – which in the big picture is not a make-it or break-it expense.

We recommend first and foremost:

1.      That your personality and that of your potential builder jive…you will be working together very, very closely over the course of a year or more, and nothing is worse than dealing with someone day in and day out whose company you do not enjoy.

2.      Aside from personality, be sure to check up on your potential builder – call a couple past clients; check with the BBB and Secretary of State; ask tough questions about the financial health of the builder and his/her company; ask for copies of insurance policies; visit a current project under construction and check it out for tidiness.

3.      Think about the ability to service any repair issues or warranties after you’ve moved in to your home – a builder’s ability to cover repairs can only happen if they are still in business & operating after your home is complete.

4.      Ask about contract format – do they operate on a cost plus basis or on a fixed fee?

5.      Are their subcontractor & vendor costs disclosed?

For more comprehensive information on hiring the right builder, please do not hesitate to contact us today to help answer your questions, and as always, you can expect a zero-pressure approach from us!  We’re happy to answer questions with no obligations whatsoever

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