Homestead Road progressing nicely

rock-drilling_Golden-Gate-Canyon The fairly mild winter has allowed us to proceed through our construction stages a bit faster than originally anticipated. Our only major challenge thus far has been the discovery of pockets of solid granite where our foundation was to be set, necessitating the need for explosives — which is always fun to watch. As of this post, framing is complete and plumbers are working to install the radiant floor heating system today.

We believe that communication is the key to success. This home is being constructed for an out-of-town client who intends to make this their permanent residence once construction is completed later this year. As our client currently resides out of state, we are using email updates and video posts to communicate and show progress.

We have experience completeing projects for clients that live outside of Colorado during construction and are continually exploring better communication options including ftp sites, video posts, and online access to drawings and sketches.


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